FPV 32CH Diversity Goggles

– Unique Picture in Picture Function

– Wide Angle Camera

– One-button Operation on Contrast and Brightness

– High Sensitivity Multi-Channel Diversity Receivers

– HDMI1.3 Input

– Full Next-wave and Airwave Support

– 2S-6S Input(7-28V)

– Adjustable Interpupillary Distance

– Cool Futuristic Design

Flysight SpeXman one is a kind of All-in-One 5.8GHz FPV goggles with Diversity receivers, which can get the maximum reception possible;full next-wave and air-wave support provides wide use on your Fatshark and Immersion RC products. The Goggles SpeXman one features a front wide angle facing camera ,which brings you one more eyes ,so you can see your surroundings while you fly. It is a hit on race application, which makes racers feel SAFE.One-button operation makes your fly easy, and HDMI input can work with Phantom 3 and Inspire 1.

Flysight insists on its conception-Innovation wins the future,WE ARE the first to makes the goggles SpeXman one with Picture in Picture Function, which makes you far away from darkness and worrying,and keep you SAFE when wearing it !


Our Flysight goggles SpeXman one features a front facing camera so you can see your surroundings while you fly (in a small box) or go full screen with the front facing camera to see what's in front of you without removing the goggles.

The picture in picture feature is amazing! When flying FPV you are in the cockpits seat, and sometimes it can be a bit tricky not being able to see your surrounding location of where you are standing. For instance if you want to see the voltage of your transmitter, or just want to see if your dog is still next to you, this enables you to simply glans without ever taking your goggle soff.

Application specific UAS systems & services

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